City Color Creamy Lips Review

Sep 22, 2015 //
Haven't made a makeup review lately. Anyway, I just got myself new lippies! I got these new City Color Creamy Lips :D
These Creamy Lips tubes look a bit simple when just looking them in it's tube, quite ordinary packaging, but still I purchased them.
City Color says:
With true opaque color, City Color Creamy Lips is a lip paint that just won't quit! A little goes a long way with this ultra pigmented formula - only a light touch is needed for full coverage with only one layer. Sets to a lightweight, semi matte finish that doesn't dry out and keeps your lips natural moisture preserved. Available in 12 sweet and sultry shades. Pro-tip: Wipe excess product off wand before applying to ensure the best application and staying power.
Net Weight Net Wt. 0.078 fl oz. / 2.3 ml
How To Apply to lips for a creamy gloss or in a thin layer for a simple stained look.

How do I describe them:
It got a not so strong floral scent. 
Very opaque
Moussey Texture (somewhat like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream but a bit more runny)
It does transfer
Not dry matte

What I do not like:
Since it's in doe-foot applicator, I find it hard to use when shaping my lips. I does bleed and sometimes transfer to my teeth whenever I applied a bit more. Application may need some practice with this product.

Only available online. Some online stores with physical shops also carry these creamy lips. Price range varies.

Website Price $4.99 each (around P235)

More swatches after the jump

I'm not really fond of taking lip swatches, I'm experiencing camera shake problems, but I can take sharp photos with objects :( I think I should get a tripod next time. I hope my hands would be more steady even if holding it with two hands.

City Color released their 2015 Fall shades for Creamy lips [LINK] and I find them pretty since it's more mauve - pink - nude.

Here's a photo posted from blog - my eyes twinkled for Lavender Drop, Triple Berry Spritzer and Strawberry Margarita!


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    1. Hi CJ!

      Agree, I hope an online shop would have these onhand soon! :D
      Lovely shades talaga ;)

  2. Great review! I only have this in one shade which is Triple Berry Spritzer. It's just a brownish mauve shade that's simple and ideal for everyday wear. From your swatches above, I think I know what I'm going to get next. Chocolate Merlot, no doubt!

    Btw, I'm a new follower of your wonderful blog. It would mean the world to me if you support a newbie blogger like me. Hihi :)

    1. Not a newbie blogger anymore :D I see you got several posts since 2012 hihi anyway, followed you back via gfc :D