BDJ Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters

Aug 9, 2015 //
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To all BDJ Subscribers out there, did you join their last Rendezvous for 2015? I got always get updated from their posts since I have this "Get Notifications" checked on their facebook page. It was held at SM Megamall last August 8. 2015.
Meet the ladies of the event
  • Finding your Passion, Making your Mark with Entrepreneur Thea De Rivera
  • Put your best face forward with Celebrity Make Up Artist and Beauty Blogger Nikki Duque
  • Guide to Your Fitness Transformation with Athlete and Lifestyle Blogger Melissa Gohing

1st Talk: Put your best face forward
Ms. Nikki Duque discussed several makeup tips for the corporate look. I'm glad to hear these tips from a Makeup Artist. It was the longest talk for me and my favorite part. She mentioned several things like:
  • Don't do fake lashes in office, you can try mascara or natural length lash extensions instead
  • Don't fixate on embellishing up to the eyebrows - too much highlighting up to eyebrows
  • Don't test bake complexing changing products during weekdays
  • Don't do the frosted makeup look
  • Save these don't on a weekday or during night outs not during office hours.
She mentioned that based on surveys, "Women who wear makeup at work are more likely to get promoted. If you want to be taken seriously, dress the part."

Makeup Ground Rules:
  • Makeup should stand the test of time
  • Makeup should be low-maintenance or easy enough to complete when you're in a rush. Something like 5 in 1 foundations.
  • Makeup should enhance and not hide who you are.
  • Makeup shouldn't be distracting
  • It should make you feel comfortable and amazing!
Foundation Tips:
  • Use a good primer - invest to these good primers instead of buying cheap makeup but doesn't fix the problem
  • Perfect foundation with SPF and should be matte.
  • For Office Girls. look for foundations that's half shade darker. Fluorescent light from the computers brings out a greenish cast to the complexion.
  • Always get a handy blotting paper and powder (She mentioned several brand: Green Clean & Clear Blotting Paper, MAC, Maybelline Smooth Powder)
Eyebrows and Lashes:
  • Avoid harsh looking eyebrows
  • Go for soft feathered stroke (Ladies may use Kpallette lasting 2way eyebrow)
  • Always curl lashes to make eyes bigger
  • Go for waterproof mascara like Maybelline Colossal and Great Lash
Eyeshadow and Liner
  • Choose neutral and matte shades, if you like to use other colors, she mentioned that you may go for rose gold for corporate look
  • Always tightline using a black/expresso liners
  • Go for peach and coral shades
  • Avoid shimmery blushes
  • She prefers natural looking shades like MAC Faux, NYX tea rose and collection from Happy Skin
More tips:
  • Prepare your looks the weekend of the coming week
  • Girls should have another set of makeup kit at the office
  • Change Makeup Game - try other colors!
2nd Talk: Finding your Passion, Making your Mark 
Thea River, the owner of The Girl and The Bull and 12/10 restaurant, shared some tips on how to achieve a work and life balance.
  • Be open with learning new ideas, new adjustments
  • You represent yourself of your business
  • Don't forget to have some fun
  • Appreciate your staff, all people involved gets the credit.
  • Enjoy struggle in your journey
  • If you're a beginner, always set a mindset of being ready
  • Believe in your business
  • Savor your slow paces days during the start of your business, maximize what you can do - you'll never get these time once you're already moving forward.
  • Try different things to know what you really love, It's okay that you've tried several things - anyway, you learned from it - you may carry it to the next field you like to try. It was like you learned an additional skill :D
  • Be unique and never lose yourself
  • Never give up unless you give yourself to all.
3rd Talk: Guide to Your Fitness Transformation
Melissa shares her story of fitness journey and inspires the audience of what she'd done to go back to playing volleyball again due to back injury. She also mentioned the importance of exercise. It's something that you can't do. Instead, say you can do this and you can try.

Exercise was known to be a reason for weight loss, but it is also for: Healthier brand, Osteoporosis prevention, Makes you feel less stress, For strength, Decrease health risk and achieve better and healthy skin.

We've learned so much from this Rendezvous! Thank you BDJ for the sumptuous meal. We also had a chance to participate to several games sponsored by Goody, Red Mango, Subic Grand Seas.

And as a tradition in BDJ, they always give a raffle and a loot bag. I'm lucky to get a free haircut from Azta Urban Salon! Check out what's inside the pink loot bag:
Til the next BDJ Rendezvous


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    1. Hi Angel, dami natutunan right? :D

      Thanks for dropping by and see you soon! :)

  2. I feel so unfortunate because I live far away from Manila. Anyway, I subscribed to their elite box edition, have you tried BDJ yet?

    1. I'm currently staying in Rizal and it's around 2 hours travel going to Megamall :p

      BDJ Elite? I haven't tried to subscribe but planning one for December 2015. :) Currentl available box is November, I wish I could save na agad for December :D