Allele White Instant Whitening Lotion [REVIEW]

May 31, 2015 //
I've never been a fan of lotion ever since because I feel I'm always in a hurry during work weekdays - but I have lotions on my desk - I usually use it for my hands, ankles and elbows. Applying lotions to my arms really takes time compared to my legs, why? I'm born with hairy arms. Some people already asked me why I did not shave it, and I always tell them I'm fine with it. So when I apply lotions, it usually takes additional time to let it dry, and make my almost-an-inch arm hair to 'dry'.

I have tried other brands of Instant whitening lotions available in the market and I can say the product effect for me was instant whitening and instantly fades as well.

I'm wondering before if Allele White Instant Whitening Lotion can be same as the other brands as well. So I ended up trying it for myself!
What is Allele? 
The word “ALLELE” ( 'a, leel ) pertains to one of two or more versions of a gene. An individual inherits two ALLELE from each gene, one from each parent. ALLELE carries the genetic codes which gave us our distinct characteristics passed on from our parents to us, then from us to our offsprings. there are specific ALLELE for different eye color, hair color, and skin color. If you were not born with the ALLELE for fair skin, Take control and be white now!
  1. Instant White - See for yourself! Simply apply on one hand and compare color with the other hand. 
  2. Lightens Skin Complexion - We have selected powerful lightening extracts found in nature such as Papaya extract, to dramatically improve tone, color and texture of your skin, giving you a vibrant complexion. 
  3. Moisturizes Skin - This product contains Dimethicone which acts as a skin protectant and emollient, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. 
  4. Vitamin C - is a powerful antioxidant which helps lighten skin, improve skin tone, and delay the process of aging - promotes collagen formation. 
  5. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) - Be white and Be protected from the sun. Titanium dioxide acts as a lightening agent and sunscreen, preventing sun damage that can darken your skin.
What happened if I'm in a hurry? I wasn't able to spread Allele White evenly that it already makes hair strikes to my skin. So I have to spread it again.
  • Allele was absorbed in less than 2-3 minutes for me I think.
  • Tried 3x this week: Applied 9am and stayed until 6pm - I had to shower after I got home.
  • I noticed something to my arm with Allele White, I didn't feel as sticky as the other arm without it. I already go out for lunch and feel the summer heat in Manila, but I didn't feel sweat coming out from my left arm during the whole day especially those lunch breaks I went outside of the office.
Product Claims:
A revolutionary Skin Whitening System that allows you to have whiter and flawless skin in just 1 application, and continually whitens, improves tone, and texture of skin with consistent regular use.

This Product Contains: Aqua, Dimethicone,Cetyl Alcohol,Titanium Dioxide,Polysorbate 80,Prophlene Glycol,Edta, Carlca Papaya Extract,Arctosphylos Uva-usi, cool water essence, Vitamin C,Octyl Methacocycinnamate, Preservatives, Perfum

Size: 75grams

Dosage : Allele White can be applied as often as you want. No reports of adverse effect with prolonged use.
My Review:

The first time I saw it, I didn't it was a lotion at all since it's not printed on the front packaging - until I realized the hands. Packaging Wise it is handy and I believe it got a safe lock. Consistency was thick. One arm for me takes 2-3 of this size to cover (see photo below).

I've checked the website of Allele and they already mentioned several things on what does it do and how does it work. (Read FAQS here:

So now you can see how uneven my skin was if I compare it to my palm (see left arm).
I didn't get any day swimming summer 2015 yet, but I'm uneven already. 
Some office mates asked me what's the new product they saw on my desk, and I said it's an Instant Whitening Lotion. They didn't believe it at first but I just let them try the product and they where amazed. I am worried for my own supply - I need a new Allele for myself

Price99 if you bought in on their fb page / website or ₱185 via Lazada

Options on how to order and for more information:
Social Media Sites:
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