Check your health with PhilCare Smart Check-Up!

Apr 10, 2015 //
Recently, I just received a package from PhilCare and surprised when I opened it.
It was a package made with woven coconut palm leaves - I sense something organic or natural here. This box contained products which is important to our health such as:
  1. *Moringa Detox Tea that would keep me up for the tiring day and remove toxins as well
  2. *Olive Oil Mist that would make me smell fresh all day
  3. *Seaweed Mask can be used as treatment to a tired and dehydrated skin
  4. *Oatmeal and Calamansi Soap for skin cleansing
  5. *Hop to a Jump Rope! Its an effective cardio exercise since it works for arms, legs and cores.
  6. *Smart Check Up APE Package it was a routine check up for a person's general status of his health.
As our lifestyles change, so does our level of health. Health should be monitored. Do we know our blood pressure? Do we need to stop smoking if we're currently doing it? Do we get enough amount of sleep everyday? Are we fit enough to do our everyday tasks? When a person's wellness is high, so too is their capability to be more productive.

Smart Check-up
This prepaid card is specifically made for individual and corporate accounts needing APE or Pre-employment Examination package that could be availed at selected clinics in Metro Manila.

It is important to know your health status especially if you are working or currently looking for work. Why? so that the employer would know if an employee  is still efficient.
The screening would let you know what to do before it will become severe.
However, quality physical examination comes with different services and each one carries separate price tags.

Smart Check-Up gives you access to a complete set of physical exams from the best doctors and health providers in PhilCare Clinics and affiliated providers for only P499, all in.
  1. *Medical History Taking
  2. *Physical Examination
  3. *Chest X-Ray
  4. *Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  5. *Urinalysis
  6. *Fecalysis

Where to avail: PhilCare  Metro Manila clinics

How to avail:
*Register through SMS before use.
*By appointment only;
*Card is surrendered upon availment;
*One-time availment

Additional Benefits:
  1. *Preferential Rates 10% off on ultrasound procedures and 5% discount on laboratory and X-ray procedures arising from the use of the cards at the PhilCare Manila and Makati Clinics. One time availment only.
  2. *Access to PhilCare Go!Mobile Smart Check-Up lets you download your exam results via the PhilCare Go!Mobile App on your Android device.
  3. *Participation in PhilCare 360 Wellness activities  You can also use your Smart Check-Up to become a myPhilCare member so you can enjoy exclusive deals and invites on wellness.
  4. *Hassle Free membership
  5. *No age restriction and no need for enrollment requirements.


  1. Everyone's starting to get a little health conscious. I love to try the Moringa Detox Tea, Philcare must also provide this kind of check up in provinces. :)


  2. The Smart Check-Up prepaid card is really affordable! The package is complete for the basic essentials.

  3. ganda naman ng packaging Pinoy inspired :) gusto ko try yung seaweed mask ngayon ko lang naencounter yung ganon