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Mar 8, 2015 //
Looking for a college school is one of the toughest thing in mind of every high school student and the parents aside from thinking the course path. Not everyone got a chance to enter college for different reasons. When I was in college, I took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. It was tough - really tough! and people might expect too much from you. My school implemented their entrance requirements: NSAT high school average of 88%, must have a grade of 90% or higher in both Math and Science, Entrance exam with a rate not less than 88% and of course, pass the interview and aptitude test implemented by the college of Engineering.

What does most people consider in choosing the right school? Opportunities, well-trained faculties, facilities, location, safety and growth for an incoming college students. It really varies per person and
if you're planning to pursue Business, Computing (IT) or Design and a Pro for Progressive education,  you might like to consider iAcademy - provide proper training and aids character-building as well.

When it comes to choosing a course, pick one that you know you're going to be really passionate about.

For me, an ideal school should be able to educate using different teaching methods, considering different ways how a student learns best. It should be a total hands on with their curriculum. It's a person's best training ground for his/her future career.

Faculty and Facilities
iAcademy has their well-experienced academicians and professional practitioners who are also in the same business as what they're teaching. In this way, they provide students with real life experience about the industry. In iAcademy, they provide the students with a dynamic and vibrant learning environment. Check out some of their facilities and equipments:

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Real World Training
The school implements an 8-month internship with their industry partners. This would allow them to experience the real work environment and can make them industry ready.

Partners includes the following: IBM, WACOM, Microsoft, Project Runaway Philippines, Aboitiz Weather Philippines, De Paul University, Polimoda, Metrobank, Cambridge, Megaworld, SMITS, Ayala Systems Technology, Inc.,, McCann Erickson, ABS-CBN, San Miguel, Sterling Paper, ePLDT,, Leo Burnt, Tower Warson, Optima Digital, Nestle, Unilab.

The school aids the students with the internship programs to choose from in relation with their courses. They would like their students to gain exposure for them to be prepared in their corporate world. After several months of extensive internship program, most student's were offered respective positions by iAcademy's industry partners. How cool was that! 

Curriculum is Industry Relevant
iACADEMY's programs are designed to make students discover their specializations in their chosen field which is also relevant to industries today. The school trains their students where they could stand out and be proud of their full potential.

The school has the latest technologies and state of the art facilities. 

My personal opinion, iAcademy doesn't look like a school, It really seems like a training ground for students prior to entering the real world. It's an ideal school to get a degree. 

Courses Offered
School of Computing:
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Game Development with Specialization in Game Programming and Design
Bachelor of Science in IT, Major in Web Development

School of Business:
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Financial Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Marketing and Advertising

School of Design:
Bachelor of Science in Animation
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design & Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design

324 Senator Gil J. Puyat Ave.
Bel-air, Makati City Philippines 1209

For more info about iAcademy, visit

Do what you love, Love what you do.


  1. One of my student was enroled in iAcademy. The location is in the center of Makati, a good avenue for working afterwards.

  2. One of my friends used to study at iAcademy and it was a nice experience daw. :) Although a bit pricey lang!

    1. That's one of the cons for the tuition side ;)
      however, it's still reasonable - not all colleges can provide this kind of education.

  3. This is a good read :D

  4. I saw their curriculum online and it was comprehensive and practical in the sense that it is industry ready. This is also a good course for those who would like to try IT and/or design as a second course. The tuition fee is quite expensive but I guess good education comes with a good price.


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