Siena's Cafe (Sitio Bayugo Buliran Road, Antipolo)

Feb 17, 2015 //
Just recently, we got a simple light dinner in a newly opened cafe (new branch): Siena's Cafe located in Sitio Bayugo Buliran Road, Antipolo. Before they only have Siena's Gathering Hall and extended their business into a small cafe on the same location.

Location. ★★★★★
It's just 3-5 minute walk from my area. I have no issues about the location of this cafe :p
Other people might have a difficulty finding the place, but I'll place a map below.
For commuters, once you're already in Antipolo Cathedral Proper, Look for BETA tricycle terminal nearby 'Pasalubong Center', ask them to take you to Siena's (just outside of Bermuda Subd.)

No problems with the ambiance. We arrived here around 7:30 PM February 14, 2015.
The place was big enough for around 50 pax inside the cafe and there's a lot of customers that night celebrating Heart's Day.

Quality is our Recipe. ★★★★☆
That was their motto. I would definitely agree about that, I have attended an event inside Siena's Gathering Hall and they really serve quality food. It was really tasty and the price was reasonable. Check out our combo meal orders worth P150 each.

It was 7:30PM, Valentines, Our orders arrived around 8:24PM. Just imagine, it was almost an hour of waiting. :( I went to the front desk around 8:15 and asked for a specific time they could serve our orders. I'm with my family that day and I'm not the only one who's hungry (even other customers as well). I'm not yet sure if they serve really slow or they just can't handle the number of customers that night. But they serve for event gatherings such as Weddings and Debut etc. Maybe serving in a Cafe is a different story. Anyway, this is my first time to wait this long and please take note of our orders
  • Combo Meal 1,2,3 ★★★★☆ | I hope they have bigger patties for their burgers but I love their pasta! cream based for their carbonara while tomato based for their spaghetti! My sister loved their drink.
  • Banoffee Crepe (no photo) ★★☆☆☆ |  Crepe wrapper with 2 small bananas with cream. The cream doesn't served cold. My sister thinks it tasted like toron (unsweetened) topped with a cream.
  • Lumpiang Sariwa (no photo) ★★★☆☆ | Mama likes it except for the Tofu, she said that the Tofu used is no longer fresh. She'd rather eat Goldilock's Lumpia instead.
Sad to say but I believe it was easy to serve these orders than a full meal like Backribs Barbeque, Braised Beef, Kare-Kare, etc. or was it the shortest waiting time they could do for their clients? I know I'm not the only one complaining about the time (during that night).
Combo 1
Combo 2
Combo 3
Here's their menu as of Feb 2015, Click the image for larger view
(Prices may change without prior notice)

Overall rating :★★★☆☆ 
I hope they could improve their service because I love their food. :)
These are my only feedback during our first dinner. I might update this post once I have a meal here again.

Facebook: Siena's Gathering Hall
Check out this Google Maps from Antipolo Cathedral to Siena's Cafe [link]

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  1. the burger bun is big halos di ko makita laman hehehehe :3 but it looks delish! and the place's exterior is classy