One of Manila's Best Ribs: Big Daddy Jay's All-American BBQ

Jan 8, 2015 //
The first time I checked the logo, I'm thinking of a BBQ HOTDOGS. We've tried this place in 17th Avenue in Cubao. Arrived around 12:30 pm just in time for our lunch but I wonder why there's no other customers that time? Maybe they're all busy buying their Christmas gifts. I really thought it was closed already for their break. I'm with Toffee that day and we're the only customer that time and day. 
Menu is written on a chalk board
Vacant seats
 I haven't eaten ribs as juicy, tender and tasty as this! I claim that they serve one of the best ribs! You'll never be disappointed unless you can't really wait for them to serve the best ribs! :p It feels like it melts inside my mouth.
The concept of the Rib Smoking is that their cooking it low and slow for 6 hours.
Why cook low and slow?
The lower you cook the temperature, the less the fibers will shrink, the less tough the meat will be because it won’t lose as much moisture. Typically tough cuts of meat are cooked this way to keep the meat moist. Cooking the meat slowly breaks down tough connective tissue to form gelatin, which binds moisture. The amount of fat also helps because it breaks up the protein, lubricates the meat and makes it tenderer.
We ordered a promo for their Half Slab, with 6 chicken wings and 2 down-home sides.

Open during Tuesdays till Sunday 11:00am - 2:30pm then 6pm - 10:30pm.
Big Daddy Jay is closed Mondays because that's their smoking day - the day they smoke the meat! Please take note that they only smoke it during Mondays but they grilled it as you place your order.

BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ
61B 17th Avenue,
Cubao, Quezon City
Contact Number: 0917-300-8435

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