Best Beauty Sites in the Philippines

Jan 6, 2015 //
I believe everyone needs a little retail therapy. I personally love online shopping. Why not? I love receiving my orders. Sometimes, I feel I'm receiving it as a gift though I personally buy it. Some of my purchases includes freebies, hassle free shopping with the click of my mouse, and sometimes free shipping!

Let me share to you some of these Beauty Sites I've shopped before.

    ZALORA, your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. 
    Zalora offers biggest international brands as well as the most relevant Filipino products. What I love about Zalora is that they provide coupons after the successful purchase. You have more reasons to shop again to the website.

    Lazada offers wide array of products, nationwide shipping, warranties, 30-day returns policy and easy payment options. Lazada also offers Lazada app so you can download it directly to your smartphone and tablets. They offer amazing deals and bundles during special seasons like Black friday, November 11, December 11 - surely it would be announced! 

    They offer free international delivery! Luxola warehouse is located in Singapore. Luxola works with more than 200 brands from all over the world, including many cult brands that we have helped make available in Asia. 

Some people think that online shopping could be a hassle specially during shipping since it most probably caused delays. I never got a problem about shipping, All shipping took me 3 days max waiting (when I'm staying outside Manila area) and 1 days if manila area. I believe that they also have helpful customer service.

I find ZALORA to be one of the best places to buy cosmetics online. They have a great selection which you can check out here. Well, they also got the fastest shipping time frame I think.

What do you consider when buying in a online website?

Where do you usually buy your make-ups?