Review: Pixy Perfect Eyeliner

Oct 7, 2014 //

Wayback college, I’m into eyelines but I had to I stopped using LIQUID eyeliner for some reasons:
  • I’m not sure when it will dry
  • Time consuming due to the first reason
  • I had to close my eyes for a long time
  • Reason why I’m late :))
  • Foul sour smell - ewwww
I ended up using pencils instead. However, I always love to have a winged eyeliner. I always have to sharpen my pencil to have a pointed wing.
I loved this Perfect Eyeliner from Pixy because:
  • Honestly, It dries so fast! - I make sure I’m creating a nice line. Avoiding erasures!
  • Fine felt tip for a perfect line
  • Sophisticated packaging black + pink!

Here’s what it looked like when applied:

It was not erased when I run it with water however, I tried to RUB with soap…

and it already start to crack.

Bravo for Pixy! :)

I just have two issues about this product, I feel that the wand doesn’t fit perfectly to the cap. Tendency, it moved along when I line my eyelid - good thing I have light and steady hands. I do not want to hold the want for sanitation purposes. The other one is about how it look like when I apply it. Its glossy, I thought it’s still wet but it’s already dry. However, I can still work with those cons but topping it with my translucent powder :)

Not sure about the price since I got it from BDJ 7-DAY Makeup Challenge and I received a Tokyo Kawaii Makeup Set wherein this Perfect Eyeliner was included.

Trivia: #Pixy101 Did you know that the word PIXY is actually an acronym for:
  • Precious – valuable cosmetics 
  • Infinity – lasting beauty 
  • Excellent – outstanding technology 
  • Yearn – desirable look 
Rating: ★★★★★

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