My personal experience at Flawless Classic Facial

Oct 6, 2014 //

After a working day (6PM), I decided to visit the Pink clinic: Flawless (Greenhills Branch) and try their classic facial.

I do not have a photo during the process of the classic facial, thinking it’s not allowed inside the clinic.

They got a compartment for every bed which looks like a small locker.

All the instruments that will be used to touch my faced are sealed and I need to sign it first BEFORE they open and use it. They make sure that all tools are SANITIZED, NEW and UNUSED  for each customer.

The lady who was in charge of my facial assisted me to all my concerns and got a really light hands (Thank you! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get your name). She put covered my hands with a pink hand hot compress towel for  my hands and a hand massage too!

Applied a foaming cleanser while in bed to cleanse my face first then a cold cream and added cotton to cover my eyes, then start to have a steam to my face. Then she started pricking off my zits.

After that, the therapists ran a laser tip (LASER!) to my face. I asked her why? (since it’s my first time) she answered that it will close the pores and could help the healing faster. She also adds a sunblock and advised me not to wash my face when I got home, but I can wash it the next day morning.

My photo the next morning I woke up:

Compared to my first facial from a different clinic, I can’t bear the pain :( - decided not to try it again to that same clinic. It’s been almost a week after my face looks normal again when I went to that clinic. I got big, open pores, zits are totally cleared - it was bumped and red - imagine a week! :(

But after my classic facial at Flawless Clinic, you can see the redness - which I understand natural due to pricking, but very minimal red bumps at all! Just on my forehead since she told me I got a big one up there but successfully extracted it. She also extracted carefully my whiteheads near the sides of my puffy eyebags.

So far, I’m happy with Flawless. I wrote this blog post after almost a week to see if I will get any bad  reactions after my facial - I didn’t.

The Classic facial of Flawless costs P399/session



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