Eyelash Curler from Shu Uemura

Aug 24, 2014 //
SHORT and STRAIGHT: those are my lashes.
I never wished to have this Eyelash Curler from Shu Uemura before because of it’s price for just a curler… but Mr. T bought it for me August 2014 as a gift.

I experienced "CHECK shaped lashes" using my old curlers so I ended up not using them anymore.
  • No more pinching my lash line skin
  • No more lash pull outs
  • It was able to reach my inner lashes - perf for asian chinky eyes! (I read other blogs and it also worked with round big eyes!) - No more CHECKED SHAPED LASH!
  • It got a soft silicone pad that gently curves my lashes
To tell you the truth I just have to curl my lash once using this… and viola! my straight lashes are now curved! I used to curl it about 3x or more using my old eyelash curlers.

  • The iconic, best-selling and award-winning shu uemura eyelash curler featuring enhanced design and upgraded features for ultimate precision that delivers the perfect curl.
  • Upgraded silicone pad in a new “mushroom” shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for improved safety and optimum curl. Upgraded patented hinge with precise engineering applies perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes.
  • Curved angle suits all eye shapes. Calculated shape and size of frame length and ergonomic handles ensure stability and control.

I had Mr. T look to my lashes after curling it. His face look so amazed Haha! He’s even happier than me since he knew his gift is so worth it! and will turn out to be my HG Curlash.
In my opinion, it would be fine to spend(If you can) to our curlers that wouldn’t cause you any pain and take off your lashes AND will surely lasts for years.

I highly recommend this product! Not yet convinced? it’s up to you but why not try this at your nearest Shu Uemura store? Make sure you know how to use eyelash curlers, since some women aren’t sure the right angle for their lashes before curling it.

This one is a good investment if you’re a beauty junkie like me. HONESTLY, it works 100000 raised to the nth times BETTER than any other eyelash curler I have ever used (no need to name brands haha!)

Price: Around 1,000 Philippine Peso or 23 USD (but bought it cheaper since we knew someone who’s based in Japan right now :p)

Together with the mascara and curlers(such as what I use: Shu Uemura), I recently found out that Eyelash growth serums may also help our short, thin and sparse eyelashes, you may also like to know different eyelash growth serums, check out www.eyelashgrowthproductreviews.net .

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