Unboxing Pure and Simple BDJ Box July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 //
Hi Bellas! (✿◠‿◠)

I was lucky today to receive my July Box this July 31! 。◕‿◕。 - so I could still call it my JULY BDJ BOX. Though I’m living here in Antipolo, Rizal I could say that they ship fast to my area. Thank you BDJ and to your partner courier for the month Xend Express.

I asked mama this afternoon if I already got a package today, she said yes so I asked her what’s inside - BDJ she shaid. :)

When I got home, I found out that this box was bigger compared to the ‘usual size’ of box. It was not as sturdy as the usual box and a bit heavy so I feel excited to open it.

Positive Stickers: Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT
BDJ Team’s Note

What’s inside

1. The only makeup inside - Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette
This long-wear eye shadow palette contains 3 shades that allow you to add depth and drama to your eyes. Swipe on the lightest shade as an overall color while using the medium shade to contour, then use the darkest shade to line your eyes.

Php 199

(From Left to Right)
2. Hygienix Hand Gel
Fight germs, while keeping your hands nourished and refreshed wherever you go.

Php 45
3. Vitress Hair Solenn
Tame curls and waves and rock a smooth, silky, shiny ‘do.

Php 80
4. Vitress Instant Relax
Make your hair look naturally straighter and smoother

Php 75
5. Celeteque Back Acne Spray
Formulated with salicylic acid which exfoliates the skin and works to reduce blemishes and acne. It also contains gluconolactone, which gently removed build-up of dead skin cells, helping to prevent future breakout. Spray after bathing and make sure to let it dry completely

Php 320
We personally use this Celeteque Bacne Spray (me and my younger sister) it’s really effective (˶′◡‵˶)

6. Nivea in Shower Skin Conditioner
Replenish your skin moisture wihtout that hot sticky feeling
Php 109
7. Nivea Antiperspirant Invisible Spray
Say no to cloth stains and stay protected from swear and body odor
Php 109
8. Nivea Pure Effect Exfoliating Wipes
Your handy cleansing and exfoliating facial wipes you can take anywhere!
Php 139
I’m a fan of Nivea products. I prefer using Deo stick instead of spay/roll on.

9. Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit
This shampoo and conditioner duo from Keratin Complex was developed to provide a gentle cleansing that will not diminish the previous nutrients of healthy hair. This sodium chloride free formula is recommend for dry, chemically over processed or damaged hair.

Php 495

10. Pink Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist

Fall in love at first spritz with Pink Sugar’s 12 various scents, grouped into their 4 collections:

  • Fruity

  • Naughty

  • Dreamy

  • Happy
You’re sure to find one that will suit your every mood and emotion. Use it throughout the day as a refreshing waY to feel and smell great

Php 299 - Fruity

Php 349 -Happy, Naughty, Dreamy

I do not like the smell of this one. Melon + champagne? I do not like smell of champage  (=ω=)

11. Envie Aestheticare and MedSpa

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/envieconfidence

I hope I can visit Envie before Sept. 30 :)

Previous months of subscription boxes from BDJ, I’m receiving mostly make-up and I didn’t expect that for this month they will only add a single makeup. I wish they made it 2, since I’m not into eyeshadows. :p

The box is worth it for P580 but not worth the wait :(

"…We’re still waiting on some new brands that are just coming in the country."

I think BDJ is waiting for the travel sized Keratin Complex.

For more details about BDJ, check their Facebook Page: facebook.com/bdjbox

To get your very own BDJ Box, visit this website: www.bdjbox.com

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