Review : Naturactor Cover Face Concealer in 140

Jun 18, 2014 //
I’d like to share one of my favorite concealers. It’s been hyped last year but I was not yet into blogging before so here am I typing. I am one of those girls experiencing PMS. I do get a lot of zits prior to my period.

This concealer made my skin look smooth and it really concealed all blemishes - Check my photo below. These photos were taken June 2013. I do not have a lot of blemishes right now compared before. I used to put a lot before since I think it would help to conceal those blemishes but it turned out to be cakey - Lesson learned do not over do! The more product I use in my under eye area, the more it settle in the fine lines. I’m NC35 by the way.
I like the powder finish and when it regards to scent - Just fine - mild scent.


The Meiko Naturactor cover face (foundation) provides great coverage for your face. It is long lasting and you only need to apply a little to get the perfect skin look. Suitable for all skin type (fragrance free).

  • 130 light color, make pale or dull skin a rosy effect look more youthful, suitable for very fair skin tone. delicate,especially for bridal make up.

  • 140 light in color for slightly deeper color than the 130, suitable for fair skin tone.

  • 141 medium color and skin color natural fit yet translucent effect, suitable for fair skin tone as shading. The colour transition of natural, soft, suitable for stage makeup studio makeup. Suitable for medium skin tone.

  • 151 Good coverage for face defects and shading, suitable for malay skin tone.

  • 171 Green neutralizes any redness on your face, from broken blood vessels, blemishes, irritation etc. It helps inhibit red complexion effectively cover the red spots left by acne.
Active Ingredients:

  1. Jojoba Oil - moisturizer for the skin

  2. Mica - makes skin look flawless and youthful

  3. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - improve metabolism and immune system of the skin
I hope you find this review informative.

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