Dentiste Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste

Jun 11, 2014 //

"Most people, if not all, wake up with bad morning breath!"


Dentiste’ offers the world’s first nighttime toothpaste, clinically proven to inhibit the growth of nighttime oral bacteria, giving you fresh morning breath.  Unlike other regular toothpastes, DENTISTE’ features a proprietary blend of 14 kinds of premium natural extracts, Xylitol, CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) and other ingredients. These natural extracts are naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, giving you active protection against oral bacteria, gum diseases and bad morning breath. Very effective that you feel the difference with one night of use.

Main Ingredients:

1. 14 Natural Extracts - Clinically proven effective on soothing sensitive teeth it consists of Eucalyptus, Fennel, Mentha, Catechu, Cinnamon, Commiphora, Glycyrrhiza, Ratanhia, Myrrhis, Sage, Clove, Salvia, Anise and Ginger. These ingredients collectively provide favorable aroma for good breath with the abilities to have antibacterial properties, even against bacteria that can cause cavities and gingivitis, fight sore throats, mouth ulcer, dental infections, night breath and gum disease.

2. Xylitol – A natural sweetener with great taste and unique dental benefits, bringing new value to sugar-free oral hygiene. Some of Xylitol’s benefits include: Fights against bad breath, Inhibits plaque formation on teeth, Reduces tooth decay, Encourages demineralization of teeth. Xylitol is completely safe for all ages.

3. Stable Vitamin C - is good for the gums. However, in general, we cannot mix Vitamin C into toothpaste, as Vitamin C is freely soluble in water. Dentiste Nighttime Toothpastes unique technology makes it possible to envelop Vitamin C, which is easily destroyed, in a special base. Vitamin C, which facilitates the restoration of destroyed collagen fibers through its effect of aiding in collagen synthesis, will prevent periodontal disease and keep the gums healthy.

4. CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) - The doughnut shaped molecules of CDX is the new and powerful anti-odor ingredient of Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste. Consequently, odors like cigarette smoke, coffee, and nighttime breath are immediately recognized sealed off and washed away by the Cyclodextrin complex molecular structure.

5. Micronized Silica Complex - This active fine grinding ingredient is clinically proven effective on soothing sensitive teeth. Unlike the regular silica compound, this safe and low abrasion formula helps protect tooth enamel while brushing teeth.



I agree, even if you brush before going to sleep. I got this item from Salad Box. I found it very effective! It was not as stingy - minty as my current toothpaste, but it really eliminates the morning bad breath. I would definitely buy a full size of this product and highly recommend this one - even dentists too!

It’s perfect to use in travel and during work.

If you would be interested to purchase full size, You can check it on their website.

Have you tried this product?

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