What is oil pulling???

May 19, 2014 //

I’ve heard so much about this home remedy and I wanted to give it a try.
Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley have brought attention recently to “oil pulling,” a new beauty trend that has ancient roots.

How was it done?

In the morning, before breakfast on an empty stomach - Swish a tablespoon of oil in the mouth for 20 minutes then spitting it. I’m taking a tablespoon of coconut oil and I just started before for only 2 minutes since I can’t hold it for long but I gradually increase it by 20 minutes after few days. It feels different since it’s oil! Make sure you’ll not swallow the oil since it contained your bacteria and toxins from your mouth! Do not gargle in the throat, you just need to swished it. The oil will become very thin white foam - that’s the sign that you could spit it out. If the oil is still yellow, it has not been pulled long enough. I rinsed it with saltwater/baking soda, but I prefer brushing my teeth with toothpaste for a minty fresh breath :) I spit out the oil to out trash bin since the oil will clog the pipes. I’m using Coconut Oil that is edible or organic, do not use cosmetic type of oils! The method was able to PULL bacteria around the teeth and gums, detoxifying the mouth. It has been used as a natural cure for mouth problems such as bleeding gums, cavities, and helps prevent bad breath. The oil could pull the mucus from your throat and clear your sinuses.  It will help you to have whiter teeth, removes plaque, and healthier gums.

Some benefits that have been reported:
  • educed bloating

  • Improve digestion

  • Supports kidney function

  • Reduces insomia

  • Clear complexion

  • Less dehydrated

  • Regulated menstrual cycles

  • Clearer skin
No more bleeding gums! :) You’ll forget the grossness if you’ll be looking at the benefits.

Have you tried oil pulling?  

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