My First BDJ Beauty Social: Tres Chic Experience March 2014

May 17, 2014 //
I’m a fan of BDJ since I subscribed to their boxes and bought their planners. This was the second event I attended from BDJ (the first was 2013 BDJ FAIR). I was one of the candidates for MAXFACTOR Be a junior makeup artist at 12nn, participants should be there 10mins before the session and must be wearing black without any make up on! Good thing it was a Sunday, no traffic. Travel time was less than an hour from Antipolo proper to SM Aura.
This was also my first time to this mall, I thought I’ll be running lost looking for the Samsung Hall. At the registration area, they handed me the leaflet wherein the booth map & audience area was printed, checklist & talks.


I waited at the Maxfactor booth after the registration, we had a small makeup session with Ms. Kathleen Garcia (look alike of Angelou De Leon) together with the other participants for the Maxfactor. We did a daytime look: (Photo Credits to Ms. Kathleen) 2871fa6cb02311e3813b120b4a53a54f_8
I’ll be uploading my before and after photo soon if they have already released the photos. I’ve attended the Picture Perfect with Sara Black, Canon Crusader of light - she talked about how to mlook good infront of the camera. The next talk was UP CLOSE & FLAWLESS with MAX FACTOR- Sir Bobby Carlos, discussed important thingd about SPF, Foundation, How To’s & How to achieve that summer look with a light makeup. By the way, there will be a new product of MaxFactor this coming April 2014, it’s the WHIPPED CREME FOUNDATION, Im so glad I have a chance to try it before they’ll release it to the Philippine Market.
"You look good" is better than “Girl, you did your makeup well”
- Bobby Carlos
After the talk then that was the time I was able to claim my loot bags and visit the booths.
The loot bag:
Loot bag + booth freebies:
Tips if you’ll be attending BDJ Events: - No need to get into make-up or simply get into a light one, you can have a free makeover! - Bring your own tissue/wet wipes - if you love to swatch - Like their sponsors and partners prior to the event, you’ll be updated with their announcements. - Bring extra cash: some of the booths are selling makeup for discounted prices. As for MAXFACTOR, 25% Discount! Teehee! (RT, Bifesta & Canmake please have a sale on the next event :p) - Large bag or Eco Bag since you can expect surprises from BDJ Events, it would be difficult to bring place a bunch of prizes if you’ll be lucky enough :D I have my SM Metallic bag during this case. - Your Phone/Tab with Internet connection or access to Facebook/Instagram - Your own pen - for registration for booths purposes - Optional: Drinks (if allowed), mint candy, Make sure to eat a meal before attending the event. I took my lunch almost 4pm :( since I left Antipolo by 11am - Be on time during the event and if you’re registered to a talk - I would advise that it’s better if you have a buddy with you, if you cannot, you can meet a new one there! 
For more details check their Facebook Page:
To get your very own BDJ Box, visit their website:
 If you could bump to me next events, don’t be shy to say “Hi!”.
I’ll be happy to have a photo with you next time.
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  1. thanks for inspiring girls like me :)

  2. wow they are giving loot bags pala. sana someday i could have a chance to go in the event like that. :)

  3. Wow you got a lot of loots there sis ;) CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST DAY AT THE BDJ ;)