Wishtrend Vegan-Friendly Promotion

Sep 22, 2018 // No comments
In celebration of Vegetarian Awareness Month, Wishtrend's Vegan-friendly promotion will be held from September 28th till October 11th (CST).

Participating brands (selective items only) will have discounts up to 40% include:
  • dear klairs
  • By Wishrend
  • I'm from
  • Chica Y Chico
  • Skin & Lab
  • Cosrx
- - - - - - -

This event offers:

vegan-friendly day skin care package
vegan-friendly night skin care package
#BeHealthy Key Chain Strap
Free vegan FriendlyProduct sample kits!

#BeHealthy Stickers

Don't forget to use AFFVEGAN50 for additional 5% off!

If total orders over 139, use code VFOVER139 for expedited shipping!

SOME BY MI Miracle Toner Review

Sep 12, 2018 // No comments
SOME BY MI Miracle Toner
You might notice the advertisement of this toner everywhere in SNS - the 30 days skin improvement of the brand's model - nice marketing because I really bought this from a friend XD

So after using this AM and PM as my current toner for 3 days, 3 pimples appeared and the biggest one is under my nose tip which is really painful (I have it shared on my IG stories btw) and my COSRX patches can't help it as well 😶

I'm still going to use it for a week straight and let's see what will happen after the weekend ❤️

LabNo Borage Seed Oil

Sep 11, 2018 // No comments
My last step for my PM routine for the past rainy days wherein I need moisture the most - I'm adding oils again!.

Currently trying out this LabNo Borage Seed oil provided by @stylekorean_global for review.

Price: 29.96 USD at Style Korean Global
    Product purpose is to replenish moisture and nourishment in the skin and okay to mix with basic products such as lotion, essence, and cream.