Brillante Mendoza Film Festival at SM Masinag

July 30, 2016 // No comments
SM Masinag's mall goers had this rare opportunity to meet up close the internationally acclaimed film film director Brillante Mendoza and see his award winning film during the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival.

The festival showcased of Director Mendoza's 2015 internationally acclaimed film - Taklub, which won the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Ecumenical Jury Prize Special Mention. The festival had students from different colleges and universities mostly the new generation of film enthusiasts as its primary audience.
Taklub is a story of three characters including Bebeth played by Nora Aunor, coping and surviving the aftermath of horrendous Super Typhoon Haiyan or locally named as Bagyong Yolanda, shoot was held on Tacloban, Philippines. The movie was co-produced with the Department of Environment and National Resources.

Bench Paint Box BB Compact Powder

July 28, 2016 // No comments
A local brand, Bench,  is known for their shirts and pieces of denim also created a nice collection of cosmetics. The Bench Paintbox line wasn't new for me since I always saw them on Bench Stores but not all branches carry all their products.

Product Description:
BB Face Powder is a multi-benefit offering from Paintbox. It is a blemish balm powder with a sheer texture that whitens, smoothens and gives skin all-day moisture and sun protection.
The other day I check out what's new in the store and saw this nice black case compact powder called BB Compact Powder. It comes in 2 shades: Fair and Natural. I did pick up Fair instead since it matches my skin tone better than Natural which looks lighter on my arm when I swatched them.

Price: Php 168 each

My Brace Experience 1st Month

July 26, 2016 // No comments
My mother told me I had gingivitis when I was a kid and my dentist told us to just remove my milk teeth via procedure and not naturally. I think it wasn't taken out correctly in a specific sequence which caused my crooked teeth up and down. This kind of process may cause development delay, crowding and impacted or missing teeth. After I had all my permanent teeth already, we already noticed that I have crooked teeth, having braces is quite expensive that time. We just let it that way.

I practiced on how I can smile this big without looking so crooked as my mom told me: "Mag smile ka naman, konti lang labas na ipin." (Smile a little but limit all the teeth from showing full up)
That's a hard thing for me - to practice in front of the mirror before taking photos, if you can see most of my photos, you can only see me smiling without showing any of my teeth. Let me show you how I smile with all of my upper teeth.
Before I had my braces - MAY 2016

Korean Beauty Expert now in PH

July 23, 2016 // 1 comment
[Press Release] The Korean invasion in the country goes beyond K-Pop and Koreanovelas. We’ve also come to love their approach to beauty and skin care. Nearly every mall has at least one Korean store selling skin and beauty products. The glowing and seemingly flawless faces and skin have captivated us – making theirs the reference for good skin.

But having glowing and radiant skin isn’t just about using Korean beauty products available in the market. It takes regular authentic Korean Facial treatments to get things right.
Miss World 2015 First Princess, Cassandra Naidas, consulting with The Clinic by Lisa's doctor.
“Looking good has become embedded in Korean culture. While we religiously follow our beauty regimen – cleansing, infusing the skin with various vitamins, and moisturizing -- we still come to aesthetic centers to get a Korean Facial. We’d like to bring the same experience to Filipinos,” says Lisa Naidas, owner and beauty consultant of The Clinic by Lisa, a Korean beauty center.